Gian Merlot

Gian Merlot

The Gian is a good friend of the menàus, the loggers of Carnia. He helps them with their work, especially at the most crucial moments of hauling the logs out of the woods and floating them downstream. He can do so because he is endowed with unrivalled strength, which in part he probably owes to his love of mature cheese, perhaps a Malga Stravecchio. Taciturn and shy, he has a
passion for Merlot, which loosens his tongue and provokes a stream of speech with the harmonious tones of a Paularo accent.

Name: GIAN – Merlot 100% – Denominazione Origine Controllata – Friuli Colli Orientali.
Grape variety: Merlot dal Peduncolo Rosso biotypes taken from the hills of Ipplis, Buttrio and Rocca Bernarda.
Vine age: 15-50 years.
Territory: Terraced vineyards, marly soil with south-west exposure, altitude 180-200 m above sea level.
Training system: Classic single Guyot, 4-5 productive buds per trunk.
Production: 30-35 ql / ha.
Harvest: Manual in small crates, then checked on vibrating sorting table.
Vinification: The de-stemmed, crushed grapes are placed in temperature-controlled concrete vats to ferment at 25-27°C. The fermentation operation also includes a precise timetable
of procedures (pumping-over and racking-and-returning) to delicately extract various compounds from the skins.
Colour: Intense ruby-red.
Serving temperature: 18°C.

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