Pavar Refosco

Pavar Refosco

Environmentalist, vegetarian, a lover and guardian of Nature, of well-kept vegetable plots and eco-friendly farming. He gets very angry and plays tricks on humans when they disrespect Mother Nature or spoil her landscape. He has one great passion: beans. He tends and protects the plants, it’s said it’s thanks to him that Carnia beans aren’t affected by bau (bean fly) and are so good.
He prefers them cooked in a frying pan with lots of lardo; he can’t imagine them without a Refosco.

Name: PAVAR – Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso 100% – Denominazione Origine Controllata – Friuli Colli Orientali.
Grape variety: A group of Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso biotypes (medium cluster, small grape) found in the historical vineyards of Rosazzo and of the Spessa di Cividale hills.
Vine age: 9-30 years.
Territory: Traditional terraces, remodelled, with marly soils, exposure to the south-east, altitude 150-220 m above sea level.
Training system: Classic single Guyot, 4-5 productive buds per trunk.
Production: 30-35 ql / ha.
Harvest: Manual in small crates, then checked on vibrating sorting table.
Vinification: The de-stemmed, crushed grapes are placed in 1000-litre oak vats and punched down by hand during fermentation. On-skins maceration ranges from 20 to 25 days then the wine is
drawn off to oak barriques where it is periodically racked only when the moon is waning.
Ageing: The wine ages for 42 months in barriques and is then bottled. It bottle-ages for 12 months before being released for retailing
Colour: Intense ruby-red with violet hues.
Serving temperature: 18°C.

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